⚖︎ favelamunk ⚖︎

(1) INcension assistance: sacred-tuning meditation (2) jalani hidup dengan matahati: shante ishta “we create therefore we evolve” (3) ten of hearts is a performer card (4) inner pawaka ignited: “without madness around there is no peace within” (5) octopuses prays silently;

bhineka tunggal ika || unity in diversity

i hold space for a sacred tuning - meditation session.

with the help of our breaths,

crystal   bowls,

i will assist you in your incension journey.

1 on 1 or a larger group - connect with me.

in service for the community.


mitakuye oyasin
we are spirits gaining lessons in 3d bodies, in a mission to remember:
we are sovereign.we are ONE.

🦋may all beings are free and in harmony🦋



powered by sacred plant medicine